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Satta King is a gambling game. It is the most played illegal lottery game in India. In this game people have to choose a number from 0-99 and then draw has been drawn out and the person whose number came out is the winner.

Background of daily Satta King Game –

Satta  is the most famous game from 1950.  Earlier People used to bet on cotton`s prices, which was then sent from Bombay Cotton Exchange to NY Cotton Exchange. However, after some time it was abandoned due to illegal play. But people wanted to make gambling alive again, and in 1962 it was again played by people. From then to now people play Satta online and win money.

What is the meaning of Satta King?

Generally, Satta King is not the real name of the game. It is used to representing the winner of the game. It means the Ruler of game Satta. Earlier This game was known as Satta Matka, but now this game is named as Satta King.

How to play this game?

Satta King is very easy to play. It is a game where the individual has to choose a digit from 1 to 99, and he can bet some money on that particular Satta number. In addition, The betting money starts from Rs 1 and draw has been drawn out on a fixed date. Satta King winner has been declared as the Satta King. however, Satta result is only 1% positive, which means there is only one winner from 100 people who won the winning amount.

Prizes in Satta King –

Furthermore, The prizes are fixed in the daily Satta king game. If a person chooses number 20 then the winning amount will be 20×90=1800, similarly, if the Satta number is 50, then the prize will be 50×90=4500. Thus, By investing a little amount, you can win a big amount in this game.

Is Satta King today legal?

Satta King Live is an illegal game in India. Many people play Satta king underground because of the police raid. If people are caught by police playing Satta king they will be punished with some fine. moreover, if the case is big the people have to get prisoned by law.

Fraud in leaking Satta Number-

Many fake phone calls or websites will promise you to give the leaked number after paying them some money. But these such people are a fraud. Generally, many times they reveal the wrong number after receiving the amount. Satta King Gali’s results do not reveal the number to anyone. If you see anybody online or offline who is leaking the number and demanding some money for that, then you must complain to the respective authority.

Addiction to this game-

Generally, Addiction to this game or any game is bad. As you know there is only one winner in this game. So, it is not possible to win every time. It has the power to make your life and to fully ruin your life. It can make you rich and it can also make you poor as well. Similarly, if you are addicted to this game and losing again and again, then we would suggest you stop play gambling to save you and your family`s life.

No Hard work only luck wins-

In this game, only luck wins. You do not have to do any hard work to play this game or to win this game. You just have some knowledge regarding how to bet uniquely and must have good luck then no-one can stop you from winning. In addition, the only benefits to playing online are you can play from anywhere in the world and anytime. We are the leading online portal where you will get all the latest result of Satta King games as well as all the information related to Satta.